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The 5 Best Home Warranty Companies in the Country

The 5 Best Home Warranty Companies in the Country

Every time you buy a new home , it can be overwhelming trying to figure out everything you need to do. Especially if you’re moving to a new state and have all kinds of things to do when it comes down to it.

But one thing that’s important is to look for home warranty companies that serve the area you’ll be moving to. We’ve rounded up some of the best and listed ways to compare their benefits and prices.


What are home warranty companies?

According to Wikipedia, “A home warranty is a contract that promises to provide the owner with discounted repair and replacement services.” This is almost a must for any homeowner.

However, it should not be confused with home insurance . Home insurance is generally to protect the home from costs associated with natural disasters and accidents, while home warranty is more about appliance repairs and such.


Top Home Warranty Companies

When you start looking for home warranty companies, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the number of companies available. Here are the top five home warranty companies we’ve researched and compiled just for you.

Home Choice Guarantee

Choice Home Warranty is one of the best home warranty companies you can find. They have been rated the “Best Overall” and “Best Service” of any home warranty company in America time and time again.

One thing that attracts customers is the fact that you can get your first month free so you can get the service without paying a penny for a full month. A secure company is needed to allow this to happen.

Choice Home Warranty Pros and Cons

Choice Home Warranty has a decent number of pros and cons that can help you make your decision. Their main focus is on people, their customers, which is what you will hear from them the most.


  • People Focused – This is definitely the best thing about Choice Home Warranty. They are focused on their customers. Although they also have other priorities, you will notice that it all comes back to this.
  • Quick answer : yes, customers! Choice Home Warranty offers quick responses with a guaranteed 48 hour response. So you don’t have to sit by your phone or email for days on end.
  • 24/7 Service – Again, they really want to make their customers happy. So they offer service at any time of the day any day of the week. So if you have an emergency at 3am, they can get to you in a jiffy.
  • 15,000+ Contractors – Because they have 15,000+ contractors working, often remotely, chances are you have someone near you who is available to assist you. So contact them to find out how close.
  • Set Maximums – You won’t be overcharged for services because they have binding limits. This ensures great coverage without you overpaying for something unexpected that can really put you to rest.
  • Multiple reps – Let’s face it, even the best company can hire a rep you just don’t get along with. But with Choice, there are multiple representatives assigned to each case. So you can always have another option.


  • The Basic Plan Isn’t Perfect – Here’s the big con. The total plan is amazing, but the basic plan leaves out some appliances that can break down, so it is recommended to pay the extra for the total plan.
  • Only 48 States: If you live in Washington or California, then you’re out of luck. Choice Home Warranty is not available in these two states. Since the population here is so high, this is a real bummer.

Business Home Warranty Plans

Choice Home Warranty has great plan options. There are two main plans to choose from and an average service fee of $85. This is a great price and is usually set rather than having a range which can be confusing.

Basic Plan – $45.81/month or $495/year

The basic plan doesn’t cover everything, but it does cover the basics. It’s pretty affordable too. If you get an annual plan, you’ll pay just over $41/mo, or just over $45 for a monthly plan. So the price is good either way.

Total Plan -$55/month or $600/year

If you want to make sure everything is covered, a total plan is probably best. You can pay just $50/month for the annual plan, so it’s usually worth the extra five bucks to make this plan feel fully covered.

Company Home Warranty Reviews

Choice Home Warranty reviews are nearly unanimous. People are happy with the prices and service that Choice Home Warranty offers. Here are some reviews from over 25,000 reviews on Consumer Affairs.

Quickly answers

“I contacted Choice Home Warranty because my heat pump won’t heat during cold temperatures. They responded within 2 hours to let me know that they had contacted a repair guy to come and look at my heating unit. The repair technician arrived in a timely manner and checked my heating system and found a solution to the problem. I thank Choice Home Warranty for their quick response to my problem.” –Rickey of West Monroe, LA

Help through the storm

“A big winter storm hit DFW and all the plumbers were naturally very busy. 1 call to Choice and within 72 hours a contractor came home. Great service. Very prompt and courteous in every way. I highly recommend CHW. Just be patient and they’ll take care of it.” – Hemant of Keller, TX

2-10 Homebuyer Guarantee

Now this company has great reviews. We’ll talk more about that later because what you need to know is that 2-10 Home Buyers isn’t just for private homes and homeowners. It is for almost everyone.

Even if you are a real estate agent or contractor, you can get anywhere from 2-10 homebuyers to cover the houses you work on. This is a huge advantage and is what they are known for. Their website makes all of this easy to understand.


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