General Liability Insurance

General Liability Insurance


All companies face risks, but not in the same way. Hiscox’s General Civil Liability insurance for SMEs and the self-employed protects your business against third-party claims for damages that you have caused them in the performance of your professional activity.

General Civil Liability Insurance for SMEs and the Self-Employed

Although the risks are the same, not all companies face them in the same way. Hiscox offers you a General Civil Liability Insurance for freelancers and SMEs that, like you, are dedicated to manual trades.

What can this insurance do for you and your business? It’s simple: it covers personal and material damages and economic consequences to third parties because, by law, you are obliged to repair material or personal damages and losses caused to a third party or an employee.

General Liability insurance for SMEs and the self-employed is aimed at the following sectors of professional activity:

  • Construction:Insulation and protection of buildings, roofs and covers, metal carpentry, masonry work and reforms, electrical installations, etc.
  • Non-construction:installation of furniture in homes, offices and commercial premises, repair of electrical appliances, electronic equipment, antennas, lightning rods, industrial equipment, work and handling of stone, etc.
  • Freight transport:Vehicles intended for the transport of non-hazardous goods by road, courier, collection and transport of non-hazardous waste, etc.

With the General Civil Liability Insurance they are covered

General corporate civil liability

Civil liability for exploitation of premises

Civil liability of dependent personnel

Primary property damage

Legal defense

Why do I need General Liability Insurance?

Although civil liability insurance is not mandatory for all companies and SMEs, hiring it is highly recommended. This is all it offers you:

Do you have a place where you serve customers?

If you have a place to attend to your clientele, there is always the possibility that someone suffers material or personal damage.

Do you have access to a client’s property?

If your client’s belongings or premises suffer damage, due to work you are doing at their facilities, the insurance would cover the cost of repair or replacement.

Do you plan to participate in a project contest?

If you want to participate in the awarding of a project, this insurance may be a requirement to be able to present yourself.


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