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Complementary health insurance for SMEs

Companies can take out complementary health insurance, but what does it consist of?

In some companies they take special care of their employees. As with civil servants, many private company workers have their own health insurance. Even the smallest. In this case we would be talking about complementary health insurance for small businesses .

Thanks to this type of policy, employees have free access to private healthcare and benefit from the advantages provided by medical insurance. But what exactly are they? What companies offer them and at what price? At we analyze the market offer. You can also go directly to our health insurance comparator and leave us your number. We will call you so that you can contract this policy in the best conditions .

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What companies offer small business supplemental health insurance?

Some of the main insurers that operate in the health field have complementary health insurance for small businesses among their offer. We have analyzed the market for this type of insurance so that you can get a general idea of ​​what they can offer . These are just a few examples :

MAPFRE’s offer in complementary health insurance for small companies

MAPFRE is one of the large insurance companies that offer complementary health insurance for small companies with which they provide medical coverage to workers. Its range is quite wide, since it distinguishes between Insurance for SMEs , Health Care Insurance , Expense Reimbursement Insurance and Sick Leave Insurance .

They stand out for the breadth of coverage. Its Insurance for SMEs, for example, includes among its basic benefits, access to the US hospital network . And among its complementary benefits, dental supplement and travel assistance , among others. In addition, it can be contracted in different modalities: medical chart and reimbursement.

How are the complementary health insurance for small companies from Sanitas?

You can also boast of Sanitas options , with its five types of health insurance for employees . In his case, he also stands out for his innovative proposals . Like Sanitas Activa Digital , a 100% digital health insurance , with a video consultation service, medical advice programs, home analysis and face-to-face consultations (up to three in a year for primary medicine and three for specialties).

On the other hand, Sanitas Inicia offers out-of-hospital coverage and with Sanitas Pymes Digital employees also have surgical interventions and dental coverage. Sanitas Empresas is its most complete modality, designed for large companies. In addition, Sanitas has specific insurance for employees posted abroad, Sanitas Global Care .

Does AXA have supplemental health insurance for small businesses?

AXA also competes in the small business supplemental health insurance space with a long list of coverage options for workers. Thus, among its group health insurance, you can find the modalities of Complet, Vip, Premier, Complet Copayment, Hospitalization Subsidy, Dental Insurance and Temporary Work Disability Insurance .

Complementary health insurance for small companies in Adeslas: Adeslas Empresas

SegurCaixa Adeslas also offers medical coverage to companies through its Adeslas Empresas policy . It is a health insurance aimed at companies with between 5 and 99 employees . One of the most complete complementary health insurance for small companies, since it includes hospitalization (contemplating childbirth and everything related to it), as well as dental coverage and healthcare abroad , among other coverages.

Supplementary health insurance for small businesses: features

Small business supplemental health insurance is not much different from individual health insurance . In fact, the only difference is who hires you. In this case, it is health insurance for companies and the self-employed . But in essence, the same thing is offered: private health care, from which the workers of the contracting company benefit.

However; Companies have two options when contracting this kind of policy. They can opt for health insurance for an open group or for a closed group.

If the group is open , it means that the employees can choose whether or not they want to belong to it and take out (or not) the policy. If the group is closed , the policy is already contracted with certain conditions that cannot be modified.

In the event that belonging to the insurance is mandatory for employees, by agreement with the company, it is usual for the latter to make the payment and for the workers to be deducted from their payroll.

We can conclude that, with regard to the care received, the characteristics of this health insurance for small companies (a group insurance) are the same as those of an individual health insurance. And that if there are differences, it will be, in any case, the insurer chosen to provide medical care.

Types of supplementary insurance

In addition to doctors, there are other complementary insurances that a company can take out to protect workers against different risks. We address the main complementary insurances that exist:

Complementary health insurance

As when contracting private health insurance, the company can opt for the different types of complementary health insurance for small companies that exist. For example, choosing between a medical directory insurance —to find out more, consult our guide What is the medical directory of a health insurance? — or refund.  But also, choose between an outpatient care insurance and a hospital care insurance.

Likewise, there are companies such as MAPFRE that include other types of products within their range of insurance for small companies. As your sick leave insurance, with guarantees such as economic compensation during total temporary disability and compensation in case of illness or accident .

Complementary accident insurance

Companies whose activity is subject to a Labor Agreement already have this type of supplementary insurance. It is included in the Collective Agreement Accident Insurance , which must be contracted. This type of insurance covers death and permanent disability , such as accident insurance to use.

But you can also contract a complementary accident insurance for small companies that do not have this nature. Like the one offered by Generali , with Generali Accidentes Empresas : for the coverage of death and disability benefits of employees, due to an accident.

Supplemental life insurance for small businesses

Companies and freelancers can also take out life insurance for their employees. These supplementary life insurances guarantee compliance with the pension commitment assumed with the workforce (by agreement or collective bargaining) with a benefit in the form of capital or income . The coverages included are death and disability .

We can also find complementary life insurance for SMEs among insurers that operate in this field. In the case of the TAR Life Insurance for MAPFRE employees , which includes complementary guarantees for disability in its different degrees . Or Red Solution , a group life insurance with permanent coverage for executives and their families. In the event of death before the end of the insurance, it guarantees a regular monthly income .

Small Business Supplemental Dental Insurance

The concept of small business supplemental dental insurance is very similar to that of individual dental insurance. They provide access to a dental team and a network of clinics (own and subsidized) in which to enjoy free treatments and discounts on those services with a cost.

They have dental insurance for insurance companies such as Adeslas. Adeslas Dental Negocios y Empresas is designed for SMEs and companies that wish to offer their employees this extra: comprehensive dental assistance with immediate access and without health questionnaires, through more than 20 free dental services and up to 50% savings on the rest of the treatments.

Advantages of complementary insurance for small companies

Purchasing complementary health insurance for small companies has multiple advantages . But the best thing is that they are both, both the company and the workers, who enjoy them . Each one in a different way: depending on the type of benefit we are talking about.

  • There is a social benefit : the company provides (in health insurance for a closed group) an exclusive service to its workers. They are the ones who receive quality and private medical attention free of charge, thus avoiding the inconveniences of public health, such as saturation in health centers and waiting lists to visit a specialist or undergo surgery.
  • The fact of having this free medical attention can be considered by the worker as a great incentive to work in a certain company. Because they not only take care of their health; they can also provide you with access to those advantageous wellness services in health insurance .
  • It can improve the perception of the worker and make him feel more motivated , by being part of a close company that cares about the health and well-being of its employees. More motivation translates into more and better productivity.
  • Having access to private healthcare and avoiding the public healthcare problems to which we alluded is beneficial for the company , in different ways. On the one hand, it reduces work absenteeism , as its workers lose fewer hours due to medical issues.
  • In addition, it reports tax benefits , since the cost of health insurance for workers can be deducted from Corporate Tax. In addition to resulting in happy and caring workers.
  • Benefits aside, it is a reality that private healthcare works much better in aspects such as waiting lists, which makes life much easier for the worker and, therefore, for the company . Therefore, having health insurance, either through the company or contracting it on your own, is always a recommended option.
  • Complementary health insurance for SMEs is much cheaper than you might think . It is enough to make a comparison of health insurance and compare what they offer through different types of policies to verify it. In addition, it is the best way to find not only the most affordable insurance. Also the one that best suits the needs of each company.


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