Commercial vehicle insurance for all types of businesses

Commercial vehicle insurance for all types of businesses

If you own any business that involves the use of vehicles, you should obtain a commercial vehicle insurance policy for your business. To make things clearer, the name Commercial Vehicle Insurance is sometimes used, although these policies cover more than automobiles.

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What is Commercial Vehicle insurance?

Commercial vehicle insurance is specialized insurance that covers automobiles used in your business. Commercial vehicle insurance policies cover property damage and liability coverage. Coverage amounts and types of use are for situations not covered by a personal auto insurance policy.

It covers many types of commercial vehicles, such as automobiles used for business purposes, to any other variety of trucks and commercial vehicles you can imagine used in the operation of a business. Read on to find out what makes the business car and the personal car different.

What cars are covered by commercial vehicle insurance?

Cars, box trucks, food trucks, work vans, and dump trucks are just a few examples of commercial vehicles. They all require commercial auto insurance. They include coverage for the employees who operate the vehicle. In most cases, the equipment inside will also be covered against loss. This coverage has gone by many different names, such as commercial auto insurance, truck insurance, or commercial vehicle insurance. Don’t think this coverage only applies to large vehicles. Cars and sport utility vehicles will also require a commercial auto policy if they are used to generate income.

What does Commercial Vehicle Insurance cover?

Commercial auto insurance is a type of auto insurance intended for automobiles and any other motor vehicle used for business purposes. Commercial auto insurance includes most of the same coverage as standard auto insurance. Commercial auto insurance also includes coverage specific to the needs of people who use their cars or trucks or other vehicles in the operation of a business. Semi-trucks, box trucks, and dump trucks are obviously commercial vehicles and need auto insurance. commercial automobile.

What’s not so obvious is that if you use your car or truck for work, you’ll need a commercial auto insurance policy that covers it while you use it for business-related purposes.

This coverage may also be available to cover your employees. It can even cover you when they are driving their personal vehicles.

Commercial auto insurance is more expensive than personal auto insurance. There are ways you can qualify for discounts just like with your regular personal policy.

Commercial auto insurance includes many of the same coverage components as personal auto insurance. Liability coverage protects you from damage you cause to your vehicle, and collision coverage and comprehensive coverage protect your vehicle, no matter who caused the damage.

It also provides coverage like Non-Owned Vehicles , which extends coverage when your employees use your vehicles for their business purposes.

If you’re simply driving to and from work, you don’t need commercial auto insurance, as it will be covered by your personal auto insurance. However, if you’re a home care provider taking clients to appointments, or a painter driving a truck full of tools and supplies, you’ll need a commercial auto policy to protect yourself.

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You might think that keeping your personal auto insurance is cheaper. However, in most cases it is cheaper to buy a long-term commercial auto policy. This is the result of being able to deduct the cost of commercial auto insurance from your taxes. This can be a huge savings, especially if you are self-employed. You also do not run the risk of having your claim denied if you are using your personal vehicle for your business.

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